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Holiday Shutdown Announcement

June 1, 2015

TRU Corporation

245 Lynnfield Street

Peabody, MA  01960

Dear valued customers and suppliers,

TRU Corporation would like to provide notification of plans for a shut-down from June 29th through July 3th in observation of the July 4th U.S. holiday.  TRU will resume business on July 6th. Any existing backlog that is currently scheduled to ship, or be delivered, during this period will be evaluated and TRU will coordinate a convenient, new delivery date with you.  All new orders received or placed prior to the shut-down week will automatically be planned for delivery with consideration for the shutdown. During this shutdown period there will not be any support functions working but in case of emergency situations, the following contact will be available and monitored during normal business hours to provide assistance:

TRU Corporation appreciates our business partners and will make every effort to make this shutdown seamless to your requirements by communicating our plans in advance.


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