Experience. TRU Innovation.

Experience. TRU Innovation.


TRU Corporation has created breakthrough RF and microwave interconnect products for over 60 years. Sophisticated, durable, high performance cables and systems for the most demanding applications — in military, aerospace, telecom, semiconductor, medical and other commercial industries


TRU develops solutions that encompass the whole range of RF and microwave interconnectivity. Assemblies and components. Sophisticated solutions for a wide spectrum of environments. Solutions that harness the power of creativity.

Smart people. Innovative technology. At TRU, you'll work with experienced engineers who understand your application and your challenges. Someone who will find what you need or create it for you.

Industry Expertise. Military. Aerospace. Semiconductors. Satellite and wireless communications. Medical diagnosis and therapy. Flat panel displays. And more.

High quality manufacturing. Fast turnaround, flexible manufacturing capability for custom design or build to print. Solid modeling to speed development and reduce costs. Special testing and documentation control. Plus particular expertise in high power/high voltage cables with unique attachment and assembly methods.

Connect TRU to your challenge and experience TRU innovation

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