TRU Cables

Strength, Reliability, Optimized Performance

TRU Cables are engineered and manufactured to meet the most demanding applications with superior performance. High power/high voltage interfaces are a specialty. Attachment methods are optimized to each application and TRU Cables are phase and amplitude matched. Sophisticated engineering with tough, rugged in field performance.

Optimized Cable / Connector Attachments

Attachment Features:

  • Electrical-Mechanical-Environmental
  • Phase Match
  • Pull/Torsional Strength
  • RoHS Solder Free
  • Broadband Frequency
  • Moisture/Pressure

Attachment Types:

  • TRU Tie™
  • Split Taper Clamp
  • Clamp
  • Crimp
  • Replaceable Front Ends
  • Sealed V Clamp


High Performance Tape Wrap

High performance tape wrap
Mil-Aerospace, Medical
TRU-500, 560, 920 types

General Purpose

General purpose
Solid extruded PE and PTFE
TRU RG-214, 217, 218, 393 types

Foamed PE construction

Foamed PE construction
Corrugated types

Specialty constructions

Specialty constructions
TRU Flex-500 types
(hi-flex, hi-temp industrial)
test cables, 30 ohm cables

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Product Spotlight

TRUtest 50 GHz VNA Series Cables.



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