About the SMA Interface

The SMA series interface was developed as a “sub-miniature A” class of RF microwave connectors to address the emerging needs of modern radar for better broadband frequency and small size. The SMA interface operates to 18 GHZ with an extended frequency optional design to 26 GHz. SMA product housing construction is typically stainless steel for military and commercial applications but is also offered in brass as a low cost alternative. Readily available designs for medium and small cable sizes as well as flange mount receptacles to meet hermetic and non-hermetic requirements make this a popular general use product in a broad variety of markets and applications.


SMAtechnical diagram

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Nominal Impedence50 ohms
Frequency RangeDC to 26 GHz
Voltage Rating500 volts rms
Dielectric Withstanding
1500 volts rms


Mating Characteristicsper MIL-STD-348
Connector Durability500 cycles min.
Recommended Torque9 in-lbs nominal


BodyBrass, Silver or Nickel Plated. Stainless Steel, Passivate
Contacts (Inner)Female: Beryllium Copper, Silver or Gold Plated. Male: Brass, Silver or Gold Plated
Contacts (Outer)Brass, Silver or Nickel Plated
Contacts (Slotted)Beryllium Copper, Silver or Nickel Plated
Gaskets & SealsSilicone Rubber


Tempurature Range-85°F to +329°F (-65°C to +165°C)
VibrationMIL-STD-202 Method 204
ShockMethod 213
Moisture ResistanceMIL-STD-202 Method 106
Corrosion (salt spray)MIL-STD-202 Method 101

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