Precision Adapters

TRU Precision Adapters feature a variety of MIL-STD-348 test grade interfaces such as Type N, SMA, ATNC, 7mm and 3.5mm. These adapters are ideal for lab and production test applications, where measurement accuracy, repeatability, and optimum electrical performance are critical.

The unique modular design provides various configuration options without sacrificing VSWR and phase matched performance from DC to 18 GHz. Gold plated, six slot center contacts on the 7mm and Type N interfaces ensure precise interconnections. Electrically matched Noryl insulators are designed to mechanically captivate the center contacts and operate over temperatures ranging from 0° to 85° Celsius. The gold-plated, durable stainless steel body and sleek, stainless steel-coupling nut will provide long lasting and reliable performance life.


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