Quick Disconnect

TRU Corporation quick disconnect RF connectors provide high integrity connections with a fast on/off capability and reliable mating without bayonets, screws, or tools.

They are available in four types:

  • SQS - approximately the same line size as a 7-16 connector, but with higher power and voltage design features
  • QRM - a smaller version of the SQS that features slightly larger line sizes than a typical HN connector
  • QDS - which has the same electrical performance as C and SC types
  • QDM - which is equivalent to BNC and TNC lines sizes.

These connectors feature a positive locking mechanism employing a spring loaded sleeve on the male plug that is drawn back to let self contained bearings "click" into grooves on the corresponding female and then slide forward. The result for the user is an obvious true connection between the two, without any guessing whether they have mated properly. Not only does this design provide an easy and safe connection without bayonets or screws, it also creates a high integrity connection that will not vibrate loose.

TRU Quick Disconnect connectors are available as plugs, jacks, and receptacles in straight and right angle configurations

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